About Us

Executive Team


Liam Halloran


Hey there! My name is Liam and I’m your President! That means I get to help out with all the things that go on in the department, and make sure everything is running smoothly. So feel free to hit me up with any questions, or if you ever just wanna chat.

Bonus! Fun fact about me: My favorite animal is the koala!

VP Academic

Marianne Moore

VP Academics

Hi, I'm Marianne, your VP Academics. I'm a U3 honours physics student. Come talk to me for information about classes, grad school, or internships.

VP External

Marion Burnichon

VP External

Hi, my name is Marion and I'm a U3 Physics Major. I will be your VP External this year which means that I represent Physics at the SUS General Council and help the VP Events plan all the interdepartmental events! This includes the apartment crawl, Awkward Mixer and the Awkward Semi-Formal so come with alllll your friends!

VP Internal

Nick Anto-Sztrikacs

VP Internal

Hey! I’m Nick, I’m in U3 honours Physics and I’m in your VP Internal! That means that I’m the dude who takes care of the undergrad lounge and study room and makes coffee and brownies on Mondays! I strive to make the department a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all students.

Apart from Physics I play a few instruments and sports, but mainly the drums and hockey. Stop by the lounge whenever to say hi! We have a great foosball table in there so come play a game or two!

VP Finance

Andrew Cheng

VP Finance

I'm your VP Finance!

VP Communications

Robyn Rugenius

VP Communications

Hi! I'm Robyn, your VP Communications. I write the weekly listservs, answer emails, and help run the Facebook page in addition to organizing the design and sale of McGill Physics merchandise (my pride and joy). Please don't be shy to contact me with any questions, or come say hi in the MSPS office!

VP Events

Bob Chang

VP Expenditure

Hi, I'm Bob, I'm your VP Events this year. We have lots of great things planned so look out for all of our upcoming get togethers!

Hit me up with any ideas or events you would like to see, can't wait to see you all at the events!!

Executive Officer of Administration

Asia Murphy


Hi, my name is Asia and I'm your EOA! I take care of our office, update this lovely website, and keep our council organized.

I'm usually in the office or hanging out around Rutherford. I mean, we basically live here. Come say hi! I don't bite.

U1 Representative

Andrew Lewis


Hi! I’m Andrew, I am your U1 rep this year! I represent the first year physics students on the council and help them feel at home in the physics department and at our events.

If you have any questions or comments you want me to pass on, or just want to come chat, feel free!

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