Welcome to MSPS!

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Physics is hard. And so is math. But hey, we are here to make it that much easier! Composed of a group of 9 elected and appointed physics students, the McGill Society of Physics Students (MSPS) is McGill's offical organisation representing the undergraduates in physics, including joint majors, and minors. From holding fun events, to selling useless physics-related paraphernalia, we are here for you. Examples of events include welcome-back BBQs, scavenger hunts, trivia nights, and mixers and semi-formals. They are so much fun, it Hertz.

Aside from gathering the physics community, we are also here to help you in your studies. Want to get involved in physics research? Of course we can help. Thinking about grad school? Yep. Not thinking about grad school? We got that too! We even manage study spaces for you to work on homework or assignments... or maybe procrastinate by playing foosball. Check out the Physics Undergraduate Lounge (Rm. 117) and the Undergraduate Study Space (Rm. 116).

Finally, above all, we represent you amongst other organisations in McGill, such as the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), and Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU). If you have any questions, find one of the friendly and awesome executives, or just email us from the contact page.

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